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2024 Sponsorship / Advertising

Among the many marketing strategies that a company can use to promote its products and services, sponsorships and advertising are some of the few that have the potential for huge payoffs.  

Sponsorship and advertising give your brand an opportunity to build rapport with your ideal clients. You have the potential to increase your reach to the next level because you're promoted on multiple platforms.

The sponsorship guide has been released and you may find the files below.

Registrations for exhibiting (not sponsorships, just exhibiting and attending events in 2024) will take place on January 4th. All events are online and, if not sold out, are available to register for.

Click HERE for the 2024 Sponsorship / Advertising Guide. 

Click HERE for Sponsorship Order Form.

Click HERE for Advertising Order Form.

Sponsorship Q&A:

Q: How do I know if I, or my company, has an active membership?

A: You may check the CAI Professional Services Directory at You may also send an inquiry to You must be a member to participate in sponsorships / advertising / registrations.

Q: Why can't I order my sponsorships / advertising prior to the date listed? I won't be in town during the time that you've set and I'd like to send the orders in earlier.

A: The sponsorships and advertising are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. It would go against the whole idea if you place your orders early. In order to be 100% fair, orders are processed beginning on a certain day and specific time. Any orders received before that will not be granted.

Q: So, if I proactively hit send at 9:59am and it is received at 9:59am, you won't count it?

A: No. An email response will be sent back shortly after letting you know it wasn't valid and you'll have to resend. At that point in time, your order may end up very low on the list. We will not assume what position you should have received if you had sent it on time nor will we honor that you attempted to send it at 10:00am. This is a strict process in order to keep it fair otherwise why would we do it?

Q: What if my clock says a different time and I really meant to send it in at 10:00am. 

A: Assuming you have a cell phone, or access to a cell phone, that's the time you should be following. Or the time on your computer. There are no exceptions to the 10:00am rule. Likewise, if you're in a different time zone, plan accordingly. 

Q: I want to register to exhibit at the Spring Conference. Why don't I see that in the sponsorship package?

A: Registrations and sponsorships are different. Registrations are to attend events such as exhibiting at a conference or purchasing a team for golf or bowling. Sponsorships are for companies to use in conjunction with attending events. They are a supplemental marketing tool. Sponsorships and advertising are sold first. In January, registrations for the year will open up to register for. They're not sold together because they are different types of involvement. You may exhibit at a conference or have a team at the golf tournament without sponsoring anything. 

Q: What type of advertising do I get with my membership?

A: A standard listing in the printed directory is included with your membership. We mail out the directory in February of each year to all members. We also have a PDF that you may request. Your information will also be in the online directory at

Q: I want to reach Gold Sponsorship status? Do I just send you the money?

A: Specific, leveled status is given with sponsorship cumulative orders. You must choose what you'd like to sponsor in order to reach a specific level - we do not do that for you. Reaching a specific status involves sponsorships only. Advertising orders or any registrations that you make do not count towards a sponsorship level. You do not have to reach a level - leveled status gives you certain benefits but it is not necessary. 

Q: Where do I send my sponsorship / advertising orders?

A: You'll send it to the Chapter email: There is NO other method. Please do not mail your sponsorship / advertising orders. 

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: We strongly encourage and request payment by check. If you happen to miss the numerous requests to send payments via check and end up using a credit card, the automatic discounted rates will be forfeited and 3% will be added back to the invoice(s). If you really want points and don't mind losing the discount, please email the Chapter and ask to have the discount removed before you pay. This is helpful as we are then able to modify the invoice before you pay.

Q: Where do I send my check? Can I send it as soon as I make my selections?

A: You will send your check to the Chapter office:


11001 W 120th Ave, Suite 400

Broomfield CO 80021

***Do not send your sponsorship / advertising check to the national office. Only membership payments go to national. Your A/P department should have two addresses on file for CAI. One for chapter related invoicing (see above) and the other for membership related invoicing (located on the membership invoice).

Please wait for the invoice confirmation before assuming that you were able to get all of your selections. Because this is a first-come, first-serve process, you won't know what you were able to get until we confirm it. We confirm your selections by email using an invoice.

Q: What if I want to get to a certain sponsorship level, like Platinum, and some of my options were already sold? 

A: We will email you and ask for other selections. We will do our best to work with you to reach your desired status. If we email you with requests please respond in a timely manner. We are not able to wait too long before moving on to another form. It's very important that you monitor your emails, until you receive an invoice, and make sure you don't delay responding.

Q: I want to purchase a registration package. Can I just purchase that and will it go towards reaching a sponsorship level?

A: No. The registration package is a benefit. It is a benefit to those that spend $4,000 on sponsorships. It is not included with sponsorships. It's a benefit that you may elect to purchase if you reach the $4,000 on sponsorships. You do not have to buy a registration package. You may sign up for events on your own. The reason people like the registration packages is because they don't have to worry about events selling out (as they always do). 

Q: I want to sponsor something at an event that I know we won't be at. Is that ok?

A: You may use your money how you see fit. However, sponsorships are intended to be used in conjunction with attending / participating at an event as they increase 

Q: I purchased a sponsorship for a conference. I forgot to register to exhibit at the conference. Will you refund me?

A: No. It is your responsibility to handle your schedule. The oversight of your position is not the responsibility of the Chapter. If you confirm with us that you're sponsoring something, we assume you mean it and plan accordingly. 

Q: When is advertising due? Do I owe you any type of advertising for sponsorships?

A: We ask that you send over whatever ads you're invoiced for as soon as possible. It helps when we don't have to track you down and wait for an ad. Dimensions are given when you are invoiced. Assume that as soon as you receive the invoice you should start working on the ad and submitting it as soon as you can.

For sponsorships, please send over your logo in as many formats as possible. This helps us out tremendously if we don't have to track you down and you have the logos ready to go. Why as many formats as possible? Because depending on the need the logo may need to be a different size. Please do not send screenshots of your logo. Fuzzy logos look bad for us all.

Q: I want to send you a business card ad for the magazine. Can I scan my business card to you? If not, will just create one for me since I don't know where I ordered my cards from?

A: No. If you want to appear to be a professional, it's important that your ad be professional. Scanned business cards look scanned. We will not create an ad for you. The company that you originally ordered your cards from will likely be able to give you an electronic version.

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