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How do I become a licensed manager?

In order to be a licensed community association manager in the state of Colorado, you must:

1) Obtain or perform one of the following:

Hold one of the following credentials:

Or: Complete a state-approved 24-hour course on community association management - CAI's Colorado-Specific M-100 fulfills this requirement (classroom or online)

2) Pass the examination (Register Here). There are two parts to the examination, a general portion and a Colorado law portion.  Managers having an active CMCA, AMS, or PCAM need only to take and pass the state law exam. Applicants for the exam must hold a CMCA, AMS, or PCAM, or have completed the DRE-approved 24-hour qualifying course. 

3) Submit a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of conducting a fingerprint-based criminal history record check.

4) Complete the Colorado Division of Real Estate online application for licensure with the associated fee

5) You must also:

  • Be 18 years of age or older; and
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED

What are the continuing education requirements once I've become licensed?

Licensees will need to complete eight (8) hours of continuing education EVERY year.  The Colorado Division of Real Estate has approved the following CAI courses for CAM credit.  These courses are not the only method by which to receive your continuing education but a very good way, and recommended way, to do so.  

Business partners provide education on their own (approved by the State) and they also provide education at CAI chapter specific events.  Education from a business partner is very specific to their profession unless given at a chapter program where it may be more general. 

​Course/Format ​Approved Hours
M-100 - Colorado Edition: Classroom and Online​ ​8
​M-201: Classroom and Online ​8
​M-202: Classroom (only) ​8
​M-203: Classroom and Online ​8
​M-204: Classroom and Online ​8
​M-205: Classroom and Online ​8
​M-206: Classroom and Online ​8
​M-300: Online (only) ​6
​M-350: Classroom (only) ​8
​M-360: Classroom (only) ​8

After successfully completing one of these CAI courses, fill out and return the Request for State DRE/CAM Credit form to CAI within 14 business days to caieducation@caionline.org or (703) 970-9558 (fax) to receive state CAM credit. Upon receipt of the form, CAI will e-mail you a certificate of completion for your records.

Please contact the Colorado Division of Real Estate or visit the Gov​ernment and Public Affairs section of the CAI website ​for specific questions about renewing your license.

(303) 585-0367

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