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Annual Awards

Association Awards

Association of the Year

Recognizes the outstanding team effort of an association board of directors and homeowners whose members clearly understand their roles and fiduciary responsibilities putting the association’s interest ahead of and above all personal agendas. A board comprised of effective volunteer leaders who are fair, responsible and reasonable in their decisions.

Outstanding "Community Building" by an Association

Recognizes an association that does an outstanding job at demonstrating community resourcefulness, has a strong sense of commitment to enhancing the neighborhood, and recognizes and uses the strengths of its individuals within the association.

Chapter Awards

Committee of the Year

This award recognizes a Rocky Mountain Chapter Committee whose contributions have been outstanding and have benefitted the Chapter as a whole during 2022. The Committee will have demonstrated extraordinary teamwork while maintaining the ability to accomplish tasks according to the mission / charter.

Committees to consider include:

  • Activities
  • Editorial 
  • Homeowner Leadership
  • Marketing & Membership
  • Mountain Conference
  • Programs and Education 
  • Spring Conference
  • Wellness Task Force

Editor’s Award

Awarded to the author of the most impactful article published between August 2021 and August 2022 in the Common Interests magazine. Examples of impact include the author's ability to prompt further thought or future discussion; to engage with the reader; to educate readers with a tone that is professional yet easy to understand. 

Excellence in Education Award

Recognizes outstanding program content or a phenomenal speaker at a chapter educational event (in-person or virtual). This program or speaker will have had an impact on chapter members, for the betterment of community associations.

Excellence in Innovation Award

Awarded to a person, committee, or company that continues to find unique and ethical ways to connect with industry partners, clients and other CAI members.

Influencer Award

Recognizes an individual or company that continually promotes the Chapter, and engages members, by using social media platforms. 

Community Manager Awards

Community Manager Excellence in Service Award

Recognition is given to a manager who displays integrity, reliability, commitment to the industry, loyalty to clients and the ability to interact well with board members, other managers, service providers and other industry professionals. Promotion of ethical conduct and competence are included as part of the qualifications for this award.

Outstanding Support Staff Member of the Year

Presented to a management company support staff employee who serves in a secretarial or clerical role. This person goes above-and-beyond standard responsibilities to deliver quality service to community associations and to the company that they work for.

Rising Star Manager Award

Presented to a manager who has entered the community management profession within the last two years and has demonstrated a high level of commitment to the community association world through outstanding service to one or more of the communities they manage.


The Manager Shall:

1. Comply with current bylaws, standards and practices as may be established from time to time by CAI subject to all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations in effect where the Manager practices.

2. Participate in continuing professional education through CAI and other industry related organizations.

3. Act in the best interests of the client; refrain from making inaccurate or misleading representations or statements; not knowingly misrepresent facts to benefit the Manager.

4. Undertake only those engagements that they can reasonably expect to perform with professional competence.

5. Exercise due care and perform planning and supervision as specified in the written management agreement, job description or duly adopted Board policies.

6. Disclose all relationships in writing to the client regarding any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest between the Manager and other vendors. The Manager shall take all necessary steps to avoid any perception of favoritism or impropriety during the vendor selection process and negotiation of any contracts.

7. Provide written disclosure of any compensation, gratuity or other form of remuneration from individuals or companies who act or may act on behalf of the client.

8. Insure that homeowners receive timely notice as required by state statutes or legal documents and protect their right of appeal.

9. Disclose to the client the extent of fidelity or other contractually required insurance carried on behalf of the Manager and/or client and any subsequent changes in coverage, which occur during the Manager’s engagement if the amount is lower than the contract amount requires.

10. See that the funds held for the client by the Manager are in separate accounts, are not misappropriated, and are returned to the client at the end of the Manager’s engagement; Prepare and furnish to the client accurate and timely financial reports in accordance with the terms of the management agreement, job description or duly adopted Board policies.

11. Recognize the original records, files and books held by the Manager are the property of the client to be returned to the client at the end of the Manager’s engagement; maintain the duty of confidentiality to all current and former clients.

12. Refrain from criticizing competitors or their business practices; Act in the best interests of their Employers; Maintain a professional relationship with our peers and industry related professionals.

13. Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when acting in the scope of their employment.

14. Not engage in any form of price fixing, anti-trust, or anti-competition.

15. Not use the work products of colleagues or competing management firms that are considered proprietary without the expressed written permission of the author or the management firm.

2023 Award Winners 

Outstanding Support Staff Member of the Year

JaCinda Elzey

Outstanding Support Staff Member of the Year

Susan Hall

Influencer Award

Melissa Garcia

Committee Member of the Year

Jordan Kincaid

Committee of the Year


Rising Star Manager Award

Carly Spengler

Editor's Award

Bryan Farley


Excellence in Education

David Graf

Association of the Year

Heritage Eagle Bend


Association of the Year

Highlands Ranch Community Association


Community Manager Excellence in Service

Mike Bailey - HRCA

(303) 585-0367

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Each winner was recognized with a plaque at the CAI RMC Fall Conference and Annual Meeting on November 5nd in Denver. They also received $200 towards a community event celebrating their achievement, use of the HOA of the Year logo and discounts at CAI RMC events throughout the rest of 2014 and 2015.

If you live in or manage a special community we encourage you to nominate them for 2015! Look for some great new categories and an easier submittal process. We want to hear from you, let us know what you think about the process and if you have ideas for new categories by posting online via Facebook or emailing our Executive Director, Bridget Sebern at

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