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Question: Are board member education resources and / or events reimbursable?

CCIOA references this:

38-33.3-209.6. Executive board member education. The board may authorize, and account for as a common expense, reimbursement of board members for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in attending educational meetings and seminars on responsible governance of unit owners’ associations. The course content of such educational meetings and seminars shall be specific to Colorado, and shall make reference to applicable sections of this article.

38-33.3-209.7. Owner education. (1) The association shall provide, or cause to be provided, education to owners at no cost on at least an annual basis as to the general operations of the association and the rights and responsibilities of owners, the association, and its executive board under Colorado law. The criteria for compliance with this section shall be determined by the executive board. (2) Notwithstanding section 

38-33.3-117(1.5)(c), this section shall not apply to an association that includes time-share units, as defined in section 38-33-110(7).

And oftentimes the By-Laws will speak to Compensation, which can reference reimbursements.   For Example:  

3.13. Compensation. Directors shall not receive any compensation from the Association for acting as such unless approved by Voting Members representing a majority of the total vote in the Association at a regular or special meeting of the Association. Any director may be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the Association upon approval of a majority of the other directors. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Association from compensating a director, or any entity with which a director is affiliated, for services or supplies furnished to the Association in a capacity other than

as a director pursuant to a contract or agreement with the Association, provided that such director's interest was made known to the Board prior to entering into such contract and such contract was approved by a majority of the Board, excluding the interested director.


9.2 Compensation of Officers, Directors, and MembersNo Director, officer, or

Member shall have the right to receive any compensation from the Association for serving as

such Director except for reimbursement of expenses as may be approved by resolution of

disinterested members of the Board of Directors.

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