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Bringing New Life into your Landscape

12/01/2018 4:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Nicole Stone, LMI Landscapes Inc.

We drive in and out of our communities several times a day, oftentimes not even noticing our surroundings. However, have you driven by and noticed that some communities have beautiful flowers, wonderful blooming shrubs, gorgeous trees, and a crisp, enchanting curb appeal?  Those communities are the ones that draw and encourage new buyers to move into the community. Landscaping simply adds to an inviting backdrop by having a pleasing, attractive, and creative scene which encourages new buyers, along with increasing property values in your community.  Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to encourage your neighbors to spruce up their landscaping as well! 

Speaking of curb appeal, landscaping can add a powerful kick-start to your neighborhood. Many communities have started focusing on improvements toward the exterior, with the understanding of just how important that “first impression landscape” is to prospective buyers.  Keeping up with the exterior aesthetics, like landscape, can have a serious financial impact; According to the National Association of Realtors, exterior landscaping can add an estimated 7–15% value to the property by simply maintaining the existing turf, plant material, and trees. 

The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association did research and compiled the following statistics:

  • Landscaping can increase the resale value of a property by as much as 14%
  • The sale cycle of a property can speed up by as much as six weeks with proper landscape
  • A landscaped curb can increase property value by 4.4% and hedges can add 3.6%

A third professional entity have also conducted studies, as The Natural Resources Defense Council researchers have found that landscaping can add an estimated 7% percent to an average purchase. This also helps increase selling opportunities. Landscape in today’s environment has become more vibrant, with increases in colorful, accenting plantings throughout the front entrances of communities. 

Taking a gander throughout the Front Range will inevitably show that there are several new communities being developed, and this is unlikely to slow down soon. These new developments are implementing unique landscape and decor in a variety of ways including the repositioning of existing structures, the creation of walking paths, seating areas, as well as plenty of parks and open spaces. This plethora of redevelopment is a perfect opportunity for older communities to renovate their existing landscape as well, by creating a fresh new look that will tie into the incoming communities and vibrant landscapes.

This is an exciting time because your community has many options regarding freshening up the community with options that have not been available before. From hiring a professional firm to create a completely different look, to refreshing the existing landscape, your community will need to decide which direction is best suited for your needs. It is easy to see when you drive around and take notice of all the upgrades taking place in older communities, from the exterior to the landscaping. These properties are well on their way to creating a new fresh look by reconfiguring the existing structure and reworking the existing landscape back drops to better suit the future and move away from the past.

LMI Landscapes Inc. has been successfully servicing the green industry in Dallas, Austin, and Denver since 1987. We are comprised of three divisions; Construction and Irrigation Installation, Maintenance, Enhancements, and Irrigation, and Snow Removal Services. 

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